Demystifying hypermodernity

The disenchantment of the world has led to a re-enchantment of the metaverse—meaning not just FaceBook but the entire digital semiosphere—the immanent world of forms increasingly dominating non-digital space. At the same time, the critical perspectives of the late 20th century theorists appear almost deliberately unfinished, from the deconstructionist project of Derrida to Barthes’ “Death of the Author.” Exploring the other side of Kant, the metacritique of the metaverse stands to create a clearing for thinking through “total deconstruction” of today’s most prominent idols: Academia, Science & the Internet. The resulting metamodern research project explores capital autonomization, the rise of technoscientific irrationalism & the increasing proliferation of applied nihilism—all through a new evaluation of “meta”-physics, an Academiological discourse, Virilian eschatological hermenutics & the development of a logical anti-science.